Friday, June 25, 2010

Gaga, Bieber & Swift go Powerpop!

Popstars Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift get
“Cartoonized” in latest MCA Musical release

From a land not far away from the world of everyone else, three individuals emerged from a blanket full of songs coming from thousands of artists aspiring to make it to the top. With determination, passion, talent and loads of charm, they stood out of the bunch, using their hits as their source of power and their albums as their lifeline in their journey to victory in the world of music.

MCA Music Inc. together with Sterling notebooks and Polaroid bring all music lovers “The Powerpop Superstars” featuring Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift! With their new songs, Alejandro, Somebody to Love and Fearless, this awesome threesome celebrate their award-winning records by transforming into the industry’s music superheroes!

Lady Gaga has brought 8 hits from just one album namely (Telephone, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Love Game, Just Dance, Eh Eh & Alejandro) Her first release, The Fame and its Deluxe counterpart, The Fame Monster has transcended from music, fashion and later on to brands, namely Beats by Dr. Dre’s Heartbeats headphones, Viva Glam Gaga by MAC and Polaroid where Lady Gaga recently became the company’s creative director. In the Philippines, her record has reached 5X platinum and she has become a huge icon, Filipinos can’t help but mimic her. Case in point is Lady Gagita who reached local celebrity status with his parodies of Lady Gaga’s videos and Michael V’s rendition of Bad Romance which he renamed as Bathroom Dance.

Taylor Swift evolved from just a pretty face to a legend of country music as she gained numerous awards from respected award-giving bodies that only recognized pioneer artists before she came along. Even with the conservative number of music listeners who appreciate country, Taylor Swift was able to create a convergence of different genre specific audiences with her songs. Here in the country, her album has reached 4X platinum and her songs continue to sit at the top of the charts. She also keeps her fan base well-inspired by her music that teenagers can’t help but look up to her and be awed by her beauty and talent.

Justin Bieber who at first was dubbed as just another YouTube sensation transformed into a phenomenal performer and child wonder with 7 chart – topper hits and millions of fans drooling over his infectious smile and adorable dance moves. Backed up with the brightest and most respected stars in the industry, he skyrocketed to super pop star status with just his short stint in the industry. He even appeared in several music videos of other stars with his numerous collaborations as well appearances in philanthropic efforts, evident in the songs “We are the World” and “Wavin’ Flag” where he took the prime spots starring at the beginning and at the end of the songs.

Experience the power of the Power Pop Superstars by getting your copy of their albums in Odyssey, Astrovision and Music One Stores! To celebrate their success, MCA Music together with Sterling give you Limited PowerPop Superstars notebooks for every purchase of participating albums perfect for the school year! Offer good while supplies last!

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