Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stars & Lights fire-up Bora!

The last remaining moments of summer are barely left to savor as the rainy season is upon us. As many of us clamor to soak up the last remnants of the fun in the sun, fashionistas have less to fear as the summer’s hottest trends still carry into the upcoming months as local celebrities recently celebrated on the powdery sands of Boracay island!

Bora-beauty Rachel Lobangco heats up the celebration

Levi’s owned Boracay with the most sizzling summer party ever to hit the island at the Pearl of the Pacific Hotel beachfront. Levi’s held the biggest, most amazing laser light and fashion show, celebrating the exciting presentation of their new Levi’s Square Cut Colour Collection. Sexy fire-dancers started the festivities, emblazoning the theme in the minds and hearts of all spectators. Starting the fashion show with a bang, the laser light show was the first of its kind here in the country. Levi’s also invaded the island as they hosted simultaneous events in both Ti Braz and Juice Bar.

Marc Nelson at Boracay’s Levi’s Summer Collection Party

With the hottest tunes of DJ Mars Miranda and DJ Alex Wong, prominent personalities, celebrities, and beautiful faces were spotted among the party peeps in their fabulous Levi’s summer outfits. “Summer is the best time in the year to play around with colors as fashion celebrates fun and energy. We thought it would be interesting to inject pop up colors to the iconic details of our jeans. Wearing any of our Levi’s Square Cut Colour makes you stand out with its vibrant colored details – surely creating a statement.” said Jen Jimenez, Marketing Manager of Levi’s Strauss Philippines, Inc.

The new Levi’s Square Cut Colour Collection is a celebration of vibrant youthfulness and free-thinking attitude, very much perfect for the Boracay scene. Whether you’re just dressing down for a stroll on the beach or dressing up for a night out, Levi’s will definitely make you stand out. The new Levi’s Summer Collection 2010 sports a wide array of new fashion choices, making it an official must have for the season.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Gaga, Bieber & Swift go Powerpop!

Popstars Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift get
“Cartoonized” in latest MCA Musical release

From a land not far away from the world of everyone else, three individuals emerged from a blanket full of songs coming from thousands of artists aspiring to make it to the top. With determination, passion, talent and loads of charm, they stood out of the bunch, using their hits as their source of power and their albums as their lifeline in their journey to victory in the world of music.

MCA Music Inc. together with Sterling notebooks and Polaroid bring all music lovers “The Powerpop Superstars” featuring Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift! With their new songs, Alejandro, Somebody to Love and Fearless, this awesome threesome celebrate their award-winning records by transforming into the industry’s music superheroes!

Lady Gaga has brought 8 hits from just one album namely (Telephone, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Love Game, Just Dance, Eh Eh & Alejandro) Her first release, The Fame and its Deluxe counterpart, The Fame Monster has transcended from music, fashion and later on to brands, namely Beats by Dr. Dre’s Heartbeats headphones, Viva Glam Gaga by MAC and Polaroid where Lady Gaga recently became the company’s creative director. In the Philippines, her record has reached 5X platinum and she has become a huge icon, Filipinos can’t help but mimic her. Case in point is Lady Gagita who reached local celebrity status with his parodies of Lady Gaga’s videos and Michael V’s rendition of Bad Romance which he renamed as Bathroom Dance.

Taylor Swift evolved from just a pretty face to a legend of country music as she gained numerous awards from respected award-giving bodies that only recognized pioneer artists before she came along. Even with the conservative number of music listeners who appreciate country, Taylor Swift was able to create a convergence of different genre specific audiences with her songs. Here in the country, her album has reached 4X platinum and her songs continue to sit at the top of the charts. She also keeps her fan base well-inspired by her music that teenagers can’t help but look up to her and be awed by her beauty and talent.

Justin Bieber who at first was dubbed as just another YouTube sensation transformed into a phenomenal performer and child wonder with 7 chart – topper hits and millions of fans drooling over his infectious smile and adorable dance moves. Backed up with the brightest and most respected stars in the industry, he skyrocketed to super pop star status with just his short stint in the industry. He even appeared in several music videos of other stars with his numerous collaborations as well appearances in philanthropic efforts, evident in the songs “We are the World” and “Wavin’ Flag” where he took the prime spots starring at the beginning and at the end of the songs.

Experience the power of the Power Pop Superstars by getting your copy of their albums in Odyssey, Astrovision and Music One Stores! To celebrate their success, MCA Music together with Sterling give you Limited PowerPop Superstars notebooks for every purchase of participating albums perfect for the school year! Offer good while supplies last!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camsur’s Lago del Rey: Celeb Hotspot

Camarinas Sur has quickly become a summer haven for celebrities and vacationers alike thanks to the efforts Governor Luis Ray "LRay" Villafuerte who has adopted a different approach in promoting his province. Camsur has grown as a world-class tourist destination for adventurers and "extreme sports" lovers with activities like wakeboarding, 4x4 off-road driving, motocross and mountain bike riding competitions available in and around the Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC).

Camarinas Sur Governor LRay Villafuerte with Marc Nelson

"Camarines Sur is known for the various Survivor international series being filmed in Caramoan, and the past series were Survivor France, Israel, Serbia and Turkey. Right now, there are three countries filming in Caramoan... In fact, nag-aagawan sila. Dati kasi, one country per season." But Gov. LRay was not at liberty to disclose the names of the country.

Aquafest’s Successful 2nd Year

Isabelle Daza, Adrien Semblat, & Carlos Concepcion
at the Kaogma Festival

"My commitment to Aquafest is to make it a different experience every year for the participants. And this year, it's gonna be a Survivor theme. While the international participants of the actual Survivor are competing in Caramoan against each other, tayo, we are here just to experience Camsur and have fun.” added Governor LRay.

"This year's Kaogma Festival, the annual week-long celebration of the foundation day of Camarines Sur, coincided with the 5th Philippine Wakeboard Nationals competition and the Lago del Rey Summer Aquafest. The wakeboard nationals has been drawing cable-pulled wakeboarding enthusiasts from all parts of the globe for five years now, while the Aquafest is an event the young governor started only last year for his friends in showbiz and the press.

Gov. Villafuerte’s initiatives have caused the most influx of the biggest and the brightest stars of all networks to CamSur never before experienced in the province. The festival drew in a slew of showbiz personalities by the likes of Michelle Madrigal, Jon Hall, Isabelle Daza, LJ Moreno, and Jeremy Marquez brought in by the convivial Marilen Nuñez of Len Plus Inc.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Inspiring and poignant words from P Noynoy

"President-elect Noynoy Aquino’s CNN interview yesterday showed him to be a supremely articulate person with a wise understanding of the Philippine situation. But the most poignant moment in the interview was when he was asked how he would deal with the Marcoses who have indubitably made a decisive comeback in Philippine politics…“As far as the [Marcos] children are concerned, I think I am in the same boat as they are. We are all victims of the rule of their parents, the only difference is that that I recognize it and they don’t,” said Aquino."

President-elect Noynoy Aquino’s CNN interview yesterday showed him to be a supremely articulate person with a wise understanding of the Philippine situation. The interview, we believe, proves his critics wrong in their insistence that he lacks the qualities of a president.

The CNN interview proves that he speaks English more idiomatically than a lot of other senators and congressmen. In fact his spoken conversational English is as good as, maybe even better than, that of the other presidents before him. He never groped for words. His mind was always clear about what to say immediately in response to every question posed to him by CNN interviewer Ms. Arwa Damon.

He was asked about his feelings and thoughts about being a very young man when his father, the late lamented Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, was jailed during the Marcos martial law regime, and then was assassinated when he came home from exile. We are sure many Filipinos felt a catch in their throats when the President-elect answered these questions matter-of-factly and not squeezing the moment for political points as the many less dignified Filipino politicians would have done.

But the most poignant moment in the interview was when he was asked how he would deal with the Marcoses who have indubitably made a decisive comeback in Philippine politics. Former first lady Imelda Marcos, wife of former President Ferdinand Marcos, has been elected Ilocos Norte representative. Her children, siblings Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Ma. Imelda “Imee” Marcos, were elected senator and Ilocos Norte governor. They ran under the Nacionalista Party of defeated presidential candidate Senator Manuel P. Villar.

President-elect Noynoy said he is ready to cooperate with the Marcoses for as long as their moves are for the betterment of the people, but he would be the first to oppose attempts to bring back the dark years of military rule. “The only interest I have is to make sure that there is no revisionism down the line lest we make the same mistakes,” the President-elect explained. He said he has no grudges against the Marcos siblings. “As far as the [Marcos] children are concerned, I think I am in the same boat as they are. We are all victims of the rule of their parents, the only difference is that that I recognize it and they don’t,” said Aquino.

In the CNN’s own report about the interview with Mr. Aquino, the writer said the network’s “allotted time of 30 minutes stretched to more than an hour.”

“His critics often described him as elitist, weak and inexperienced and questioned his psychological make-up. [But] The Aquino we interviewed turned out to be disarmingly down-to-earth, sharp and engaging. He gave lengthy answers, as he was known for, but showed a keen and detailed understanding of a wide range of issues.”

He will defend the rights of enemies

Another point made by the President-elect that is catching the international media’s attention is his pledge that his administration’s human rights policy is to defend the rights even of enemies.

Mr. Aquino also told CNN that on the subject of prosecuting corrupt officials, his administration will be dictated by law and evidence not by personal grudges.

This response from Mr. Aquino came when he was asked about how he would pursue his campaign vow to go after outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies, whom his opposition camp had unrelentingly assailed for allegedly being corrupt. Questions pertaining to the Marcoses also elicited these remarks.

Mr. Aquino explained that his prosecutors “will not file charges against somebody who’s a political opponent and then try to find evidence afterward. We should afford them the processes that were not utilized in our case. We have to prove that we are different from them.” Prosecution, he added, will only be pursued so long as the evidence warrants it. He added that having this mindset in dealing with alleged wrongdoers is the “true test of democracy.”

These are noble words most credibly spoken by the only son of two of our country’s democracy icons. Manila Times

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stars celebrate "Beautiful Beginnings"

The recent gathering of Tupperware Brands dealers became more dazzling than a rainbow when some of the country’s hottest stars showed up to celebrate with the direct-selling company as it marks another milestone.

Hosted by Randy Santiago, the star-studded event featured first-rate performances of some of the country’s top entertainers such as Karylle, Duncan Ramos, Kaye Brosas and La Diva’s Jonalyn Viray, Aicelle Santos and Maricris Garcia.

Making the atmosphere more vibrant were Bea Alonzo, the face of Tupperware BRnds’ premier cosmetics line Colour Collection; celebrity heartthrob Sam Milby and leading actress Maja Salvador who came to represent their Tupperware’s line of fragrances. Multi-talented actress and image model of Fuller Fashion, Isabel Oli put life on the fashion show that also showcased other brands like Hanes, Wonder Bra and Playtex.

Comedienne Candy Pangilinan performed an interesting demo for Tupperware products. And to fortify that
Tupperware Brands is indeed the leading direct selling company especially for kid’s clothes and accessories, celebrity mom Bernadette Allyson presented the newest kids’ selection as worn by her kids.

Tupperware’s exciting future

Tupperware Brands is the authorized distributor of some of the world’s prestigious brands including Tupperware, Colour Collection, Ivana, VS. Versus, Nutrimetics, Playtex, Hanes, and Zwitsal.

But the most important highlight of the annual event, with the theme “Beautiful Beginnings,” was the recognition ceremony of the company’s top dealers and performing entrepreneurs for 2009, which included the Roster of Millionaires, Leadership Awardees and Branch of the Year. Exciting innovations and developments for the upcoming year were also announced during the event.

“We are excited with the new endeavors and opportunities in store for our customers and for our people so that they can ultimately improve their lives. This year, we would like to strengthen our position as a company that boasts not only of top world-class brands but also of highly skilled direct sellers,” said Perry Mogar, president of Tupperware Brands Philippines.

The Tupperware Brands Philippines annual gathering was indeed a colorful star-studded celebration that welcomes a beautiful beginning for the company.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Angel Locsin: From Sexy to Superbod

Top actress Angel Locsin is tackling a new role, and no, she’s not wearing those superhero costumes that have made her the epitome of sexy. Donning only a simple fitness gear in her latest TV ad, the beautiful actress has just turned herself into a Superbod who’s ready to get you hooked on a healthy lifestyle.

Century Tuna endorsers Derek Ramsay and Angel Locsin

Century Tuna, the leading canned tuna brand recently presented Angel as its newest Superbod, joining top actor and hunk Derek Ramsay as the brand’s endorsers. In a recent media launch, the 25-year-old actress expressed her excitement at being chosen as Century Tuna’s new ambassador of health and fitness.

“I feel honored that I was chosen to be the new image model of Century Tuna. Sa bawat ginagawa ko naman, I make sure I’m able to impart positive values among the fans and through this endorsement, I think I will be able to do more of that by inspiring them to be fit and healthy,” shared Angel during the launch.

The introduction of Angel as its new image model is in line with Century Tuna’s vision of strengthening its position as a health and wellness brand. Explained Angela Gamboa, Century Tuna senior product manager: “Angel Locsin is not only an extremely talented actress, but is also admired for her super-gorgeous body, which she maintains by eating right and doing fitness activities – the very essence of the Century Tuna lifestyle.”

Angel is a Woman on the Go!

Angel, regarded as one of Philippine showbiz’s most talented and sexiest female stars, made a name for herself as a dramatic actress in many hit teleseryes as well as an action princess in past fantasy and adventure-themed soaps. These days, she’s busy shooting another must-see teleserye that will pair her with top actor John Lloyd Cruz. A romantic movie with Aga Muhlach is in the works as well.

But apart from her natural acting talent, Angel is also popular for having one of the sexiest bodies in showbiz. She’s a natural at sports – in fact, she was a competitive swimmer before becoming a star, and after joining showbiz, she got more active in challenging sports like muay thai, boxing and diving. Now she confessed to trying out biking and pole dancing as her new fitness regimens.

2010 Century Tuna Superbods (from left)Van Vincent Leaño,Jillian Lua, Lea Yosalina and Renzie Ongkiko with event host Sam YG (middle)

What’s great about Century Tuna is that it has Omega 3 DHA, which helps Angel achieve a healthy mind and body. Omega 3 DHA is a natural nutrient found in tuna which helps achieve a healthy heart, keeps the body in shape and promotes a sharp mind. With Century Tuna, Angel Locsin has definitely turned from sexy to Superbod to inspire more Filipinos to enjoy the best of health in the most delicious way.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lloyd Samartino & The Playgirls

Lloyd Samartino, best known for being one of the true Matinee Idols of the 80s era, is now joining the concert scene after being tapped by PAGCOR to perform in shows at the different casino venues around the country. When asked how he thinks people will react to this news, he responded: “If people are surprised, I am even shocked to be offered to do a series of shows for them”.

“I want my audience to have a good time!"
says Lloyd Samartino on his comeback

We sincerely think he is being modest after catching his first show at the Mimosa Casino in Clark Pampanga. This actor certainly can carry a tune quite well. We of course are not surprised since his mother is after all, the wonderful singer Carmen Soriano.

When asked why only now, he replies: “ matagal na ako iniimbitang kumanta sa ibaibang lugar kaya lang ciguro nauna lang ang pagiging artista ko kaya hindi ko na pinursige ang pagkanta. Let’s show people my other talents and singing is one of them.”

We asked him if this might be due to the interest in actors singing lately like Gabby Conception who also happens to be another 80s matinee idol: “ I don’t really know if he started this trend or someone else but the bottom line naman is if you can’t really sing, then offers will dry up. I’d really like to have a chance to show people that I am my mother’s son and that I too can hold my own in the singing department.”

The Girls are ready to Play

Karen Joy Balmeo, Pauline Subido, Cath Ventura, Bianca Festejo
and Angel Tayao are the Playgirls

The Playgirls, Viva Records sultry girl-group have been doing the rounds and after paying their dues, are set to take 2010 by storm! This talented five-some (Karen Joy Balmeo, Pauline Subido, Cath Ventura, Bianca Festejo and Angel Tayao) has been referred to as the Pussycat Dolls of Asia and not only boast hot vocal ability, but equally hot mass appeal.

Their 1st album entitled RATED PG was released under Viva Records with its carrier single CHECK 1 which aired in different radio stations and music video channels (MYX, MTV and Channel V). The Playgirls were also featured by FHM Philippines last February 2009 as their Valentine’s Online Babes and won the Asian Poker Celebrity Challenge last year. Fans can look forward to the hot girl group in FHM once again as they are set to grace the glossy’s pages once more come this August. And If that wasn’t enough, you can catch the Playgirls every weeknight on “ Jojo A’s All the Way Show” from 12:30am to 1am on TV5!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

COSMEXXX: Inspired Through Pain

On May 29, 2010, top Photographer Niccolo Cosme unveiled his newest masterpieces in his latest photo exhibit, COSMEXXX. The event was held at The Lighthouse Studio in 1820 Maria Orosa St. Malate Manila.

Niccolo Cosme is a visual artist and conceptual photographer, where everything starts from whimsical concepts and feelings, translated into magnificent visual results. Photography is an expression of his creativity & flair for art.

Ace photographer Niccolo Cosme with Moymoy Palaboy at
The Lightouse Studio

COSMEXXX is Niccolo Cosme’s celebration of his visions, translated into masterpieces. It’s a revelation of his reflections in his nine years in photography and thirty years in this world. Said Niccolo Cosme, “The nine photographs are all about my experiences, beliefs, strengths and fears, stitched together to form a single series which I call COSMEXXX.”

He goes back to the cornerstones that had inspired him through the years: faith, brotherhood, pain, and unwavering altruism. More importantly, his works, through the years, have shown his great fascination for Christian Iconography — meanings and symbolisms behind every image that are embedded with stories —and, through his reinvention skills, his works are made more relevant to our times.

“Burning Flame of Desire” depicted by Simon Atkins

Conceptual photography is a complex and diverse way to showcase his eccentric visions and inspirations, where details such as hand gestures, movements, colors, and facial expressions give him a natural high.

Inspiration Rooted From Pain

Said Niccolo Cosme, “I am inspired by Pain. I believe we all go through pain whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. The image of the “Pieta” is one of my favorite pieces because I believe nothing is more painful than seeing the suffering and death of a loved one. The number seven engraved on the woman’s arms is a biblical symbolism, representing the beginning and the end, sin and pain.”

The iconic Cheri Gil in “Punishing of Forgiveness”

His other personal favorite is called "The Punishing of Forgiveness" with Cherie Gil as the model. It’s his personal introspection on Forgiveness. As Niccolo relates, “There are some people whom I have not reconciled with for a very long time now, and it's punishing me. Being unforgiving is punishment to myself, and I have learned that reconciliation starts from within. A person who has forgiven himself for his wrongdoings will be able to forgive others.”

The Joy of Working with Cherie Gil and Katrina Halili

Two celebrities were personally invited by Niccolo for a special exhibit masterpiece. One was Cherie Gil, whom he has worked with on his first commercial collaboration with Maldita. He felt Cherie Gil was the best to portray “Forgiveness”, and shooting her was like watching a theatrical play or movie where she projected in full character while swaying with the music, and demonstrated true professionalism 110%.

Niccolo also chose Katrina Halili, as they are good friends. He knew she can best portray the Eve-like character for the "Return to Innocence". The artwork is about the idea of emptying one’s mind and heart to have a new space to understand hidden truths. Niccolo narrates, “We are like an empty jar that becomes full when filled up with knowledge, faith, tradition, and culture.” In the artwork, the Eve-like character eats a lot of apples trying to find answers in life, and the celebration is not in the outcome but is actually in the journey of openness and being hungry for life.

A controversial Katrina Halili in “Return to Innocence”

Niccolo joyfully shares his secret in fulfilling his passion, “Follow your dreams, and translate them into photographs!”

Each of Niccolo's projects — from fashion ads to photo exhibits — has, behind it, a story of successful collaboration with some of our country's talented makeup artists, stylists, hair stylists, and models, and it is thus worth mentioning his years-long collaboration with graphic artist, Andrei Venal, who has undeniably helped shape Niccolo's works to what they are today.

The event was presented by The Lighthouse Studio, in partnership with YKL Color and Fujifilm, Mental, Vodka Mudshake, Manila Artisan and Magic89.9.

Wild for J-Pop: Namie Amuro

In other entertainment news, it’s no doubt, the Sandaras and Super Juniors along with all the J-pop and K-pop superstars of this side of the globe are invading the airwaves and we can’t help but sing along. More than just the music, videos, outrageous fashion, and overwhelming appeal – Asian Pop is becoming part of everyone’s pop culture schema unlike never before!

Recently, more and more heads are turning into the north eastern part of the map with eyes staring amazedly at the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan where a distinct energy is spurring and a vibe-licious sound is echoing wildly. An undisputedly great talent is surfacing within the consciousness of Pinoy music lovers and it goes by the name Namie Amuro.

Queen of J-Pop, Namie Amuro conquers the charts

Amuro is a celebrated icon and is known as the "Queen of Japanese Pop Music”. Currently, Amuro’s hit single “Wild” was released through the support of renowned Japanese record label Avex Entertainment Inc.

The dance/R&B/club driven track features the music of michico and T. Kura of Giant Swing Productions. A catchy danceable song that has a futuristic groove into it, Wild superbly showcases a good harmony between Amuro’s matchless vocals and upbeat music.

The talented artist moved to Wild’s electro-pop beat with all spunk and energy, owning the spotlight with her refreshing sexiness and edgy style. Namie Amuro is a musical inspiration for J-Pop fanatics looking to stay vigorous and look amazingly sexy while letting that wildly confident vibe shine.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Times celebrates 4th Anniversary on Radio

The Philippines' best, Magic 89.9's revolutionary morning radio program GOOD TIMES celebrates 4 YEARS on the airwaves!

In commemoration of the show's milestone, they've decided to throw an impromptu part at Grace Lee's bar and invite listeners and their friends to join in the fun!

Party with your favorite DJs Mo Twister, Mojo Jojo, Grace Lee & the Angelicopter on Saturday June 5 at LIMBO BAR in The Fort (ground floor of Grand Hampton Place, on the corner of 1st and 31st Streets)

Free flowing SKYY VODKA from 8-10PM and prizes & surprises await party-goers. NO ENTRANCE CHARGE - See you there!

To find out more about Magic 89.9's GOOD TIMES and its online community, CLICK HERE

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cool Jazz to Beat the Heat

Jaime Cullum is part of Cool Sexy Jazz 4

Even with the spattering of rains that the metro has felt, as the summer season draws to a close, it’s still scorching outside and people are finding ways to beat the heat. You can feel the beads of perspiration forming on your forehead, see the heat ripples doing their faraway dance on the pavement. With this heat, maybe it’s best to just stay at home, whip up a cold drink, and enjoy the sultry twang of a guitar string, the light clinking of piano keys, and the crystal-clear caress of a woman’s voice.

Cool Sexy Jazz 4, the latest in the Cool Sexy Jazz series, takes you away from the simmering heat of summer and ushers you through a musical journey of your favorite songs, paved with velvety vocals, flirtatious sax solos, and some sensuous guitar work. The superb collection brings together 17 smooth jazz and easy listening renditions of some of the most memorable songs pop music has produced, including the Beatles’ “In My Life,” Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature,” Elton John’s “Your Song,” Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic,” Sade’s “Smooth Operator,” and the Burt Bacharach-penned “This Guy’s In Love With You,” as re-imagined by today’s jazz legends, pop singers, and upstarts.

Cool Contributions

Cool Sexy Jazz 4 boasts of contributions from contemporary smooth jazz heavyweights David Benoit, George Benson, Spyro Gyra, and Lee Ritenour, as well as jazz chanteuses Karrin Allyson and Jane Monheit, their suave musical stylings distinct and unmistakable. Relative newcomers like Nayo and Winterplay add a refreshing touch to the collection as their silky voices play up the softness of the genre. Jazz-pop stars Amy Winehouse and Jamie Cullum round up the set, mighty pipes ringing bright and clear to stripped-down accompaniment.

Cool Sexy Jazz 4 is available now in all record shops nationwide for Php350, only from MCA Music. Slip this CD in your player and cool down with your favorite songs, like you’ve never heard them before.

Amy Winehouse sings Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Songs on Cool Sexy Jazz 4 are: I’ll Be Around – The Rippingtons , Human Nature – David Benoit, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – Lee Ritenour, Send One Your Love – Boney James, In My Life – Spyro Gyra, Sailing – George Benson, One More Night – The John Tesh Project, Emotion – Eric Marienthal, Isn’t She Lovely - David Sanborn, Smooth Operator – Nayo , Moondance – Paul Brown, It’s Too Late – Karrin Allyson, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Amy Winehouse, I Need To Be In Love – Winterplay, Everybody Wants To Rule The World – The Bad Plus, Your Song – Jaime Cullum, This Girl’s In Love With You – Jane Monheit