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COSMEXXX: Inspired Through Pain

On May 29, 2010, top Photographer Niccolo Cosme unveiled his newest masterpieces in his latest photo exhibit, COSMEXXX. The event was held at The Lighthouse Studio in 1820 Maria Orosa St. Malate Manila.

Niccolo Cosme is a visual artist and conceptual photographer, where everything starts from whimsical concepts and feelings, translated into magnificent visual results. Photography is an expression of his creativity & flair for art.

Ace photographer Niccolo Cosme with Moymoy Palaboy at
The Lightouse Studio

COSMEXXX is Niccolo Cosme’s celebration of his visions, translated into masterpieces. It’s a revelation of his reflections in his nine years in photography and thirty years in this world. Said Niccolo Cosme, “The nine photographs are all about my experiences, beliefs, strengths and fears, stitched together to form a single series which I call COSMEXXX.”

He goes back to the cornerstones that had inspired him through the years: faith, brotherhood, pain, and unwavering altruism. More importantly, his works, through the years, have shown his great fascination for Christian Iconography — meanings and symbolisms behind every image that are embedded with stories —and, through his reinvention skills, his works are made more relevant to our times.

“Burning Flame of Desire” depicted by Simon Atkins

Conceptual photography is a complex and diverse way to showcase his eccentric visions and inspirations, where details such as hand gestures, movements, colors, and facial expressions give him a natural high.

Inspiration Rooted From Pain

Said Niccolo Cosme, “I am inspired by Pain. I believe we all go through pain whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. The image of the “Pieta” is one of my favorite pieces because I believe nothing is more painful than seeing the suffering and death of a loved one. The number seven engraved on the woman’s arms is a biblical symbolism, representing the beginning and the end, sin and pain.”

The iconic Cheri Gil in “Punishing of Forgiveness”

His other personal favorite is called "The Punishing of Forgiveness" with Cherie Gil as the model. It’s his personal introspection on Forgiveness. As Niccolo relates, “There are some people whom I have not reconciled with for a very long time now, and it's punishing me. Being unforgiving is punishment to myself, and I have learned that reconciliation starts from within. A person who has forgiven himself for his wrongdoings will be able to forgive others.”

The Joy of Working with Cherie Gil and Katrina Halili

Two celebrities were personally invited by Niccolo for a special exhibit masterpiece. One was Cherie Gil, whom he has worked with on his first commercial collaboration with Maldita. He felt Cherie Gil was the best to portray “Forgiveness”, and shooting her was like watching a theatrical play or movie where she projected in full character while swaying with the music, and demonstrated true professionalism 110%.

Niccolo also chose Katrina Halili, as they are good friends. He knew she can best portray the Eve-like character for the "Return to Innocence". The artwork is about the idea of emptying one’s mind and heart to have a new space to understand hidden truths. Niccolo narrates, “We are like an empty jar that becomes full when filled up with knowledge, faith, tradition, and culture.” In the artwork, the Eve-like character eats a lot of apples trying to find answers in life, and the celebration is not in the outcome but is actually in the journey of openness and being hungry for life.

A controversial Katrina Halili in “Return to Innocence”

Niccolo joyfully shares his secret in fulfilling his passion, “Follow your dreams, and translate them into photographs!”

Each of Niccolo's projects — from fashion ads to photo exhibits — has, behind it, a story of successful collaboration with some of our country's talented makeup artists, stylists, hair stylists, and models, and it is thus worth mentioning his years-long collaboration with graphic artist, Andrei Venal, who has undeniably helped shape Niccolo's works to what they are today.

The event was presented by The Lighthouse Studio, in partnership with YKL Color and Fujifilm, Mental, Vodka Mudshake, Manila Artisan and Magic89.9.

Wild for J-Pop: Namie Amuro

In other entertainment news, it’s no doubt, the Sandaras and Super Juniors along with all the J-pop and K-pop superstars of this side of the globe are invading the airwaves and we can’t help but sing along. More than just the music, videos, outrageous fashion, and overwhelming appeal – Asian Pop is becoming part of everyone’s pop culture schema unlike never before!

Recently, more and more heads are turning into the north eastern part of the map with eyes staring amazedly at the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan where a distinct energy is spurring and a vibe-licious sound is echoing wildly. An undisputedly great talent is surfacing within the consciousness of Pinoy music lovers and it goes by the name Namie Amuro.

Queen of J-Pop, Namie Amuro conquers the charts

Amuro is a celebrated icon and is known as the "Queen of Japanese Pop Music”. Currently, Amuro’s hit single “Wild” was released through the support of renowned Japanese record label Avex Entertainment Inc.

The dance/R&B/club driven track features the music of michico and T. Kura of Giant Swing Productions. A catchy danceable song that has a futuristic groove into it, Wild superbly showcases a good harmony between Amuro’s matchless vocals and upbeat music.

The talented artist moved to Wild’s electro-pop beat with all spunk and energy, owning the spotlight with her refreshing sexiness and edgy style. Namie Amuro is a musical inspiration for J-Pop fanatics looking to stay vigorous and look amazingly sexy while letting that wildly confident vibe shine.

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