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“Tweetbiz” does Dodge n' Pop in Boracay

After a successful debut in the summer of ’09, inimitable beach dodgeball fun and excitement returned to Boracay for the second straight year through the 2010 Nestlé Pops’ Dodge N’ Pop Summer Dodgeball Games. Covering the fun and excitement were none other than the hosts of Tweetbiz – Qtv’s hottest primetime gossip show. Hosts Sam YG a.k.a. Love Guru Shivaker and "Survivor" castaway Justine Ferrer were the show's representatives as they scoured the island to find interesting ways of dissecting the hottest and latest showbiz news while getting wet and wild on the beach.

Tweetbiz hosts Justine Ferrer and Love Guru Shivaker take to the sands of Boracay

As its name suggests, beach dodgeball is a hybrid of sorts that ingeniously sets the highly accessible and beloved team sport against the backdrop of the ultimate summer destination. It is a nifty twist on the sport that notches up the game both for the players and spectators.

A Star-Studded Exhibition

The tournament, held right smack at the middle of a sweltering summer season, offered a cool reprieve from the Boracay heat as people stopped by to chill, watch and treat themselves with tubs of Nestlé Pops. The exciting competition saw match ups between returning and new dodgeball teams as well as guest celebrities who gamely joined the fray.

A celebrity exhibition match saw the Boys Night Out crew (Slick Rick, Toni Tony and Sam YG ) hurling and dodging balls in the sand against broadcaster Tony Gonzales, comedian Maverick, and Magic 89.9 DJs Suzy and Mia, as well as Junior Jocks Tyler and Dale.

Sports buff Boom Gonzales & DJ Tony Toni battle is out on the dodgeball court

Meanwhile, the official competition had the Boracay Strikers besting last year’s champions, the Boracay Dragons, in a breathtaking finals game. The winning team won loads of prizes, including P20,000 in cash.

As a perfect after-sports reward, major sponsor Philips, which held special wellness activities in the island during the same weekend, gave away premium items to the champions and other top teams. Co-sponsor Flawless Face and Body Clinic also handed out special pampering currencies to the participants to complement their long exposure under the summer sun.

Wellness in Paradise

Adding some spice to the event were the winning body builders from the recently concluded 3rd Boracay Philippines National Bodybuilding & Figure Championships 2010. It was a battle of brawn and beauty as Mr. & Ms. Flawless and Mr. & Ms. Philips Lifestyle took to the sands for an impromptu pose off for the beachcombers. After flexing their muscles for the Tweetbiz hosts and the hundreds of spectators about the court, they joined the celebrity athletes in battling it out in a fun game of dodgeball before taking a break to munch down some delicious Nestle Pops Ice Cream. They were also able to cool down at the Philips cool-off tent in front of Ti-Braz French-Filipino inspired restaurant. There the bunch was able to tune in to the latest sounds via Philips GoGear mp3 players and try out the other gadgets on display.

Serious enthusiasts from the Philippine Dodgeball Association (PDBA), who were at hand to officiate the tournament, were excited to see the competition growing in following, noting a thicker crowd in the annual competition’s sophomore year.

“I can see the Summer Dodgeball Games becoming an annual tradition in Boracay, especially because of the evident interest in the sport among both locals and visitors of the island,” said PDBA President Benedict Camara.

Nestle's Consumer Marketing Manager Gel Angeles awards the Boracay Strikers Team the coveted Dodge & Pop 2010 grand prize!

“Boracay and dodgeball is a perfect match, especially since both the game and the island are all about summer fun for everyone. Literally anyone can try it out and enjoy it right off the bat, without any special training or equipment” said Camara.

More Pops in the Future

“The sport’s fun factor makes it the perfect partner for our Nestlé Pops ice cream snack,” said Gel Angeles, Consumer Marketing Manager of Nestlé Philippines. Nestlé Pops are bite-sized treats made of classic Nestlé vanilla ice cream covered in rich chocolate coating. This innovative snack has become a hit among both kids and adults, especially during the hot summer months.

Not to say that dodgeball is just child’s play. “It can also be intensely competitive—which is what we saw at Dodge N’ Pop 2010.”

In fact, this year’s tournament also marked the official launch of University Dodgeball Games, a joint initiative by the PDBA and Nestlé to promote interest in the sport in the country’s top schools.

Maverick the Ice King aims for his target

According to Camara, UST, UP Diliman, La Salle, FEU, UE, La Consolacion, Miriam, Manila Doctors, UA&P, St.Scholastica Manila, PWU and College of St.Benilde are all slated to participate in the program, while other top schools have expressed interest to join.

Aside from the University Dodgeball Games, dodgeball had also been listed as an official event in the Women's National Collegiate Athletic Association (WNCAA) calendar for the first time ever this year.

“We’re very happy that the WNCAA decided to make dodgeball part of their official schedule,” said Camara. “What Nestlé has managed to achieve with its Dodge N’ Pop beach tournaments is really amazing.”

Diz Iz It beauty Grace Lee comments for the camera crew

To note, the PDBA is set to tour several universities to conduct dodgeball trainer certification programs for PE teachers, free Dodgeball clinics for students, and officiate actual matches.

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