Saturday, May 29, 2010

Radio meets Watchpad

It was a busy week on Magic 89.9’s Good Times as we started live streaming on PLDT MyDSL’s Watchpad. Opening up the show to a whole new audience online, what was once only radio has now blurred the lines of entertainment media as the formerly solely aural format has to it added a interestingly visual hype.

Other than getting a sneak peak at our newest co-host of the show, Angelika Cruz (known to her fans better as the lovable Angelicopter), Good Times welcomed its first musical guest on Watchpad – none other than the lead vocalist/keyboardist of pinoy rock band Armi Millare!

DJ Angelika Schmeing-Cruz with Jericho Rosales

Up Darma Down with a twist

Armi’s guesting follows her bagging of best female vocalist at the prestigious AVIMA Awards. Her group Up Darma Down also won accolades the AVIMA for their music video interpretation of their hit song “Sana.” The spellbinding song on its own and it could have conjured up a million different visuals to associate as a music video, but in typical UDD fashion, the final product was a blend of musically magical potpourri.

Sana’s music video, which was directed by Pancho Esguerra, is on a planet of its own, drawing up the good ol’ days of Atari arcade video games, pitting two contestants in a “staged” real life video game to win the heart of their awaiting damsel (there is a twist to the plot right at the end).

Armi Millare, Carlos Tanada, Paul Yap & Ean Mayon
of Up Darma Down

Here is what Toti Dalmacion, band manager says: “It’s intentionally not an emotionally charged literal visual to the song for those who are expecting the obvious. I have no idea what the big deal is when one deviates a bit from the norm. There are millions of really good songs with the videos not being an exact narrative of the song and if you really “open” your minds to it… there is a connection. Other than that we like it and that’s that. There’s something about the unexpected if you catch my drift and better than another cliché.”

Armi wowed her fans by stepping out of her comfort zone and doing an impromptu acoustic set on Good Times. Instead of playing the keyboard, she opted to strum it out on the guitar. It was the first time in a long time that Millare has performed without her UDD bandmates. Armi enthralled listeners with her ethereal solo renditions of Up Darma Down classics like “Oo,” “Pag-agos” and of course, the award-winning “Sana.” But the unexpected highlight of the program was when Armi sang a mesmerizing cover of the John Mayer song “Heartbreak Warfare.”

Visit and click on the “My View” channel to watch more of Good Times radio streamed live online.

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