Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Happiness is Here!

Enchong Dee and the Expedition 206 “Happiness Ambassadors”
Toño, Kelly and Tony

Summer is the time for enjoyment, fun in the sun, and making memories with family and friends. With the season in full swing, the past weekend was a “happier” day than usual as we took happiness to the next level!

Online and on the radio, I’ve been counting down the days until the Expedition 206 bloggers touchdown on Philippine shores and now the time has arrived! After winning an innovative online contest, Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Ambassadors” Antonio Santiago, Kelly Ferris and Tony Martin have finally landed in Manila last Saturday and imbibed Filipino culture and hospitality.

This blogging trio was chosen from a pool of netizens from all over the world through an online voting process on the website. Now Toño, Kelly and Tony have become overnight celebrities as they get to travel to the 206 countries where Coke is sold in just 365 days. Their mission - To ask people from all over the globe what the meaning of happiness is for them and blog about their travels along the way!

While in the Philippines, the Expedition 206 trio traveled around the Metro in a special Ford Expedition modified to look like a pinoy jeepney. Toño, Kelly and Tony also got to meet local Coca-Cola Happiness Ambassador Enchong Dee and Pinay blogger Madette Bernardo, winner of the Expedition 206 blog contest hosted by Top Philippine Blog

Check out next week's Mojo:lations for more details and photos of this once in a lifetime experience!

Chris Tiu & Lexi Schulze break their Silence

Chris Tiu understands the responsibility of fame

Undoubtedly one of the most appealing and talented young Filipino athletes to break through public consciousness, Chris Tiu is no stranger to fame and admiration. For the 24-year-old Management Engineering graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, however, it is not all just about the spotlight.

Despite being a champion basketball team captain, the face of several endorsements and the host of several TV shows, Chris remains admirably unassuming with a grounded view on celebrity and fame.

“It is important for me to always value my work in any field I engage in. I think if we treat our jobs and our colleagues with a lot of respect, then we are creating an environment where good values prevail,” says Chris with conviction rarely seen in young celebrities.

“The opportunity to have a certain amount of fame gives someone the chance, and more importantly, the responsibility to transmit and relay the right values to others,” added Chris. True to his conviction, Chris has taken up various social advocacies, including building decent and affordable housing projects for the poor, leading literacy sessions for street kids, and promoting Filipino volunteerism, among others.

Fighting for a Cause

Now, Chris is lending his voice to “Help Fight HPV” a concerted call to raise awareness on an insidious virus that affects both men and women, but has long been viewed as an exclusive female issue. “I was alarmed when I found out that approximately 12 Filipinas die each day from cervical cancer. More so, when I learned that even men can be infected by the Human Papillomavirus or HPV and pass the infection on to women,” revealed Chris.

HPV infection is a common, and highly communicable infection among men and women. Most infections resolve on their own. However, for those that persist, diseases such as genital warts, cervical cancer and other HPV-related diseases can develop.

Chris agrees on the urgent need to convey a strong message on the risks of HPV. “Times are changing and the values of the youth have now become more liberal. This more liberal attitude may increase the chance of acquiring HPV infections,” he propounds.

In order to reach people, a TV ad to help promote awareness about HPV related diseases was conceptualized. Creative agency AM&P, which has been behind the concept of the groundbreaking campaign for the past three years, has again tapped commercial director Gus Cruz to helm the TV ad.

Gus said Chris and his co-advocate Lexi Schulze--a socially active, versatile media personality, and a new mom--worked well in representing the modern Filipino male and female concerned about health and mortality.

“Lexi has that heartfelt character that women relate to, while Chris has that credibility of concern for the welfare of others. Taking his lead could get more guys to consider the repercussions of HPV,” said Gus.

Multi-media personality and new mom Lexi Schulze fights HPV

Lexi, who has been a staunch advocate of HPV awareness and prevention for years, was glad to have Chris on board this year. “I was quite happy to be opening up the campaign to the male populace. Bringing such a youthful yet mature and positive role model like Chris Tiu into the mix is great. He is an inspiration to the youth, and he will do a lot of good by spreading the word about HPV.”

Lexi admits to feeling a wee older standing alongside Chris during the shoot. “I felt like I was holding a little brother’s hand. But it was fitting to have that difference in age and gender as the call to arms against HPV is a fight everyone should suit up for. There will always be a brother, friend, aunt, grandmother, co-worker, or student that could use a helping hand.”

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