Sunday, July 4, 2010

OPM goes ACOUSTIC once more!

The inherent musicality of the Filipino translates well to the simple and clarified sound that is OPM Acoustic. With the pureness of one’s voice, accentuated by a guitar’s crispness and the subtle percussions that guide a song along its way, the acoustic genre was a perfect match for the pinoy balladeer summarily giving birth to many a memorable composition. The local acoustic scene emerged and flourished over a decade ago… but after a hiatus, OPM Acoustic is gaining popularity once more, as today’s Mojo:lations chronicles.

Nyoy Volante’s New Home

After making a name in the industry and being one of the driving forces in making “acoustic” a household name, Nyoy Volante has undoubtedly become one of the finest acoustic acts in town. He has remained a true blue musical genius, traipsing unchartered waters and has continued to innovate himself and his craft. He is now back, and more than ever, all geared up with the release of his all-original album under his new home, MCA Music Inc!

Nyoy is not only an artist for revivals, he makes his own compositions and melodies. He brings a refreshing change to OPM by breaking into the sea of covers and by coming out with an offering infusing his signature acoustic style with an engaging fresh sound.

The new album entitled “In You,” his first under MCA Music, which added him to its stable of hit-making local artists, is loaded with originals, as well as his own compositions.

Featuring original tracks such as his hit carrier single “Someday,” which happens to be his own composition, as well as other tracks “In You,” “Try” and “Tuloy Tuloy,” Nyoy Volante is more than exhilarated to share his own brand of music and enthrall audiences to the core. He also performs live with his 4-pc rhythm section called the Rhythmic Circle.

The biggest reason why Nyoy continues to reap sweet success is due to the fact that he’s remained grounded all these years. His dynamic stage presence is a total departure to the sincere and good-natured person that he is off-stage.

Krissy & Ericka Go International

Talented sisters, Krissy & Ericka take acoustic
to an international level

The industry’s newest and freshest teen acoustic pop-duo Krissy & Ericka, who have been earning raves from various music critics with their fresh sound has now released their album not just in the Philippines, but in other parts of Asia as well! Just from setting up a mere YouTube channel, these teen sensations have managed to tickle the fancy of audiences and now have made a name for themselves. In the midst of all the buzz, texts and twits gathered each day, the shout out successes about two young siblings making music raves in the Philippines as well as neighboring Asian countries is undeniably getting louder.

Known by their real names online and offline, these girls Krissy (16) and Ericka (17), are delivering what they do best from what nest they were discovered – the internet. Having started out around 2 years ago on You Tube, their talk and music varying from a fresh mix of covers and originals always seems to bloom with color and youth. No wonder this is why they have steadily picked up the warm support of international fans.

The launch of their album via MCA Music Inc. and its mother company the Universal Music Group in two Asian countries namely Thailand and Indonesia is proof to show that these Filipinas mean passion and business. Crossing borders in music is not commonly done especially outbound from the Philippines and into other Asian countries.

In the Philippines, we only have a handful of OPM artists out in the Asian market which some say will be the biggest market in music in the next coming years. Right now, these song writer-guitarists will sometime get you puzzled with their mixed country pop styling with usual straight English talk, when it’s common for them to be asked, “I’m not sure what country you come from?” Quick to the draw they always answer (with a smile), We are sisters from the Philippines! What a great way to raise flag and country!

Young as they are, Krissy & Ericka are already proflic and exceptional guitarists, singers and songwriters. Being exposed in various shows and performing alongside big names such as Richard Poon and Sam Milby, the girls have had their share and exposure of performances which fully inspired them to really put their hearts into music. They are continuously honing their craft by continuing to do their own compositions and exploring unchartered territories.

Krissy & Ericka’s debut album features exciting tracks and massive hits such as their current single “Runaway,” other tracks such as “Game of Love,” “Baby Now that I Found You,” and the M2M Hit “Don’t Say You Love Me!” Talented as they are, these girls have also composed originals “He’d Look My Way”, “Hope for Humanity”, “Surf’s Up”, “Sisters” and their carrier single “Up Up Down Down”!

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