Friday, April 23, 2010

Dodging the Summer Heat

Summer is irrefutably here and that means one thing—it’s time to hit the beach. The searing heat of the season provides the best excuse to set off for the country’s best summer hotspots for fun in the surf and sand. The season also is the best chance to take in some friendly competition on the beach. Leave your Frisbee at home though, because this summer, the “hottest” sport to play is dodgeball.

Coming on the heels of last year’s incredibly successful inaugural tournament is Dodge N’ Pop 2010, the Nestlé Pops Summer Dodgeball Games. To be held on May 1 at Station 2 in Boracay, Dodge N’ Pop 2010 is set to bring the global dodgeball phenomenon to the hottest venue summer in the country.

PDBA’s Benedict Camara teaches Marc Nelson the basics of
Dodgeball in last year’s Dodge N’ Pop in Boracay

“It’s a great sport for the summer because dodgeball is a game that literally anyone can pick up and enjoy,” says Philippine Dodgeball Association (PDBA) President Benedict Camara. “But if you’ve got a more competitive streak, dodgeball can be very intense as well—which is what I’m hoping to see in this year’s Dodge N’ Pop games. We’re looking to pick out the best from the rest, and at the same time have a bit of fun.”

Players and spectators alike at the Dodge N’ Pop 2010 will be cooled down by snacking on Nestle Pop’s ice cream’s newest variant with rice crispies and compete for a 20k grand prize! Visit to find out how you can form a team and register for the Boracay exhibition.

The Pursuit of Summer Sounds

Jamie Cullum releases his eagerly awaited fifth album entitled “The Pursuit”. This, his first solo album in four years, is a combination of his eclectic music tastes and enduring love of Jazz and its timeless standards. “In life, we pursue everything. Life is one long pursuit,” says Jamie.

“The Pursuit” is a record that mixes his heritage with a thrilling selection of modern influences. The making of the album was a marathon not a sprint.

“I had more songs and new experiences to draw upon,” says Jamie, “I'd been doing the Rihanna cover and thought, actually I really want this on my album.” Covers have always been part of Jamie's DNA as a Jazz musician , and after previously covering Rhianna's all conquering uber-single “Umbrella”, it’s ubiquity led Jamie to choose another of the r'n'b poppet's tunes – “Please Don't Stop The Music”.

“When you concentrate on making music, the whole point is that you never stop and are always trying to move on. Unless you're P-Diddy I guess,” Jamie laughs. “The only thing I have to live up to is making an album that I'm proud of.”

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