Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anne Curtis “Breathes Again”

She’s been downloaded a zillion times over the past few weeks, but the nation’s smiling sweetheart has bounced back resiliently and as beautiful as ever since her Boracay wardrobe malfunction. After the success of her latest film, Anne Curtis continues to sizzle this summer as the muse of Chicosci’s newest music video.

The band decided to take on a different beat with their latest single “Breathe Again" and its MTV featuring Anne and directed by Bernard Dacanay serves as the perfect visual compliment.

Chicosci’s drummer Macoy Estacio says, “She definitely made the video more eye-catching and interesting. We’re lucky to have been able to work with such a beautiful and talented actress.”

Much like the ballad itself, the video features the band in its most basic form - perfectly complemented only by lights, shadows, and playful cinematography. “We just wanted to come up with a simple video that won't overshadow the song. We want the song to be the highlight—not the visuals. We did manage to put in a little surprise for the viewers, though,” guitarist Ariel Lumanlan shares.

Sergio Mendes releases new album

He's a world-renowned producer, composer, arranger pianist, band leader cultural sage and a whole lot more! The legendary Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes continues his magical ride with Bom Tempo, a beautiful slice of rhythmically fresh inspiration.

Musical legend Sergio Mendes has new Brazilian beats

Mendes remains as vibrant and vital today as he was when leading Brasil ’66 to international superstardom. Mixing modern sensibilities with the intricate language of his heritage, Mendes has composed an album that his fans are bound to enjoy while exposing his artistry to a new younger audience.

“This is bom tempo music, good times music,” says the Brazilian-born, U.S.-based Mendes. “It’s all about the good times, good weather, good tempos. The album is about the diversity, joy and sensuality of Brazilian music—songs I previously recorded and some that I never have—played by Brazilian and American musicians.”

The CD showcases songs from the crème de la crème of Brazilian songwriters and a throng of newcomers are also in the mix. "Sergio Mendes – Bom Tempo" will be released next month under MCA Music.

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