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Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes Meet At "Intersection"

DJ Mojo Jojo

Intersection, an adrenaline-fuelled animation that provides a hard-hitting look at human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Asia. The half-hour anime features the voices of Ely Buendia, Dingdong Dantes, Anne Curtis, Epi Quizon and Dolly Anne Carvajal. Intersection premiered yesterday on MTV Philippines but will re-air July 26 at 3pm; July 29 at 5:30pm; August 1 at 9pm; August 3 at 10:30pm; August 13 at 8:30pm.

“We’re using a different medium, animation, to alert young people about the risks of human trafficking,” said Olivier Carduner, USAID’s Mission Director for Asia . “It adds to the body of work – documentaries, music videos, film shorts, concert specials and public service announcements – that MTV and USAID have released to reach potential victims and to promote law enforcement and victim outreach efforts.”

"MTV Philippines is very proud to be contributing its effort to such corporate social responsibility causes. We hope that this campaign provides important information for people to protect themselves as well as inspire our audience to join the fight against trafficking," commented Francis Lumen, CEO of MTV Philippines.

Intersection is MTV EXIT’s first animated film. It is produced by JM Animation, the award-winning Korean studio that created the visually haunting Wonderful Days. Intersection’s soundtrack features music by Radiohead of the UK and Thievery Corporation of the US. MTV EXIT will be releasing Intersection in English and Asian languages featuring the voices of well-known actors from throughout the region. MTV EXIT programming is produced rights-free and is free of charge for all broadcasters & organizations. All the programming can also be streamed and downloaded from www.mtvexit.org.

Richard Gutierrez in controversy once more
Actor Richard Gutierrez was charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide by the wife of his bodyguard who died in a car crash with him on May 22 in Silang, Cavite.

The case was filed by Lorayne Pardo, 29, of 1763 F.B. Harrizon Street, Pasay City, who is the wife of Gutierrez’s production assistant, Nomar Pardo. The preliminary hearing is set on August 15 at the Prosecutor’s Office in Imus, Cavite.

According to the Fiscal’s Office in Imus, Lorayne personally filed the criminal charge of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide against Gutierrez, 25, of Mckinley Street, Makati City.

According to records, the car crash happened late morning of May 22 as Gutierrez and Pardo were riding a car (ZTU 775) when it fell from a cliff. The car was a total wreck and Nomar died instantly and Gutierrez was thrown outside the car and escaped serious injuries.

Lorayne said that she has not asked for any monetary consideration from the actor and has not received any amount from him or his family.

This Richard Gutierrez controversy comes on the heels of a recent slew of alleged altercations involving the young star. A few days ago, Boldstar of the influential society blog, www.donavictorina.com posted:

[Last October 17, Richard Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica had a confrontation at the Fiamma Bar on Jupiter Street in Makati City. PEP reported “according to the stunned customer, he distinctly saw Richard giving Aljur's head a short, quick slap.” A similar incident was again reported by PEP- a scuffle happened between him and Michael Flores. Richard went on to sue PEP - Atty. T. Angelica Y. Santiago, legal counsel for Richard told the media that Richard Gutierrez is seeking P25 million in damages.

When Richard Gutierrez filed a libel case against Joann Maglipon and others (PEP staffer) obviously with the urging of his mother and supported by his sister, I was delirious with contempt. The aforementioned article was uploaded and pulled within 3 hours. For that, the Gutierrez family wanted 25 million pesos. Based on his claim, malice existed on the article with the words “gun toting” creating an implied notion that a “deadly weapon” was used.

Well, first of all a lot of men carry guns in the Philippines. Even the guards of Pizza Hut in SM Cebu had a revolver and a shotgun. Ditto most of the politicians. Secondly, how can one deduce that gun toting is understood by many as “use of a deadly weapon”?

It’s really a case of creating mountains out of a molehill. This is an actor or an entertainment personality who courts the media at every opportunity. To be precise, the family begs the public to watch their movies, short of being a chickenhead in the ghetto.

Lucky for him the article allegedly false was not about him kissing a man. My gash what would that do to his alleged macho reputation? Qui horror!

To save you the legalese, the DOJ dismissed the claim on two grounds. As you might recall Victorina’s post on libel, authored by Atty Trixie, stated that the existence of probable cause depends on satisfying all 4 elements of libel.

a) Imputation of a discreditable act or condition to another

b) Publication of Imputation

c) Identity of the person detained

d) Existence of Malice

Elements A and D according to the DOJ were not sufficiently established. Anyway no one would have known about it if not for the ex Mrs Yilmaz Bektas blabbing to all and sundry of the Philippines through her Ruffa and Ai Show and SNN. Maybe he should sue his own sister for being a blithering blabber mouth. To think that Annabelle hides behind freedom of speech whenever caught with her vitriol towards people who disagrees with her or people she cannot bamboozle.

Carlo Ople wrote that “bloggers and online communities are very particular with their right to free speech. The moment someone attempts to attack that, they will retaliate – and they will do so without mercy. People who comment in posts and bloggers are not covered by ethical codes of conduct and they will do whatever they want to do – which maybe a good and bad thing. My point here is that Rama and her son are both asking for more pain.”]

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